Inspiring People

This week I have been away leading a leadership development programme for a global company. We had a great 3 days together- a hotel on the edge of Windsor Great Park, sunny weather and great people. Part of the programme was to help participants build their coaching skills to enable them to be really effective leaders.

What struck me was that whist I delivered the skills session (listening, asking questions, suspending judgement and the IGROW model) in English, when we started the practical sessions each of the participants switched into their native language to continue to build their skills. It was inspiring to hear these coaching conversations being held in Italian, Swedish, Dutch, German, Hungarian and Spanish and to hear them all following the IGROW process. Watching the group struggle with getting the structure right, avoid providing solutions and really working hard at asking great questions to help their coachee discover a way forward was areal privilege and when they returned to the room after an hour of practising their smiles and success stories made my heart sing.

So why am I sharing this story? Well its because I’d like you to think about where you get your inspiration from. This multilingual group really inspired me to examine my own coaching practise- to think about how I can ask better questions, turn up my listening skills and really push my clients to discover the right solution for them. Finding inspiration can be a real challenge especially as we all live busy lives. The entrepreneurs among you will recognise that you have very little time to stop and think, to refresh and let new ideas and concepts just come. So my challenge to you this month is to stop – take a minute and see where the inspiration comes from. Id love you to share your discoveries and spread the inspiration around so keep in touch and I’ll post your stories here.

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